Employee Benefits

It is every employer’s endeavor to provide the best financial compensation to attract and retain the best talent pool. Striking the optimum balance between providing the right structure of employee benefits during and post employment, within the cost constraints imposed by the business gives you the edge as an employer.
In the area of employee benefits, we provide the following services:

Valuation under Indian GAAP (AS15R, Ind AS 19) of various employee benefits including

  • Gratuity
  • Leave
  • Defined benefit pension
  • Provident Fund
  • Post Retirement Medical
  • Long Service awards

We also advise employers on Funding and Asset-Liability Management Strategies for their employee benefits.

Insurance Consulting

The insurance industry is undergoing a lot of challenges in terms of changing regulations, business and financial framework, customer awareness and expectations, products, processes and technological innovation. It is imperative that companies keep themselves agile and adaptable to maintain their competitive advantage.
Here at Alacrity Professionals, we bring three decades of experience and the best practices.

We help life insurers in:

  • Product design and pricing
  • Regulatory product filings
  • Peer review of Statutory Valuation and Financial Reporting
  • Acting as an Independent Actuary in the with-profit committee

We assist in process innovations and improvement in relation to any actuarial processes of products design, pricing, reserving, reinsurance, group quotations etc.

We also take up assignments such as:

  • Model review
  • Process review
  • Training of actuarial or non-actuarial staff on actuarial or life insurance aspects


We offer a wide range of training courses for trustees, pension managers, managers of governance committees and HR/Finance professionals. These could be in several forms, including but not limited to webinars, seminars and employee training programmes.

Our courses are meticulously designed to give you an unshakable foundation in the basic principles, while also providing you with the necessary practical knowledge you need to be more effective in your role.

Our trainers possess extensive industry, regulatory and legislative experience and knowledge and rest assured, will guide you through a productive and industry-relevant learning experience.

Write to us with your specific requirement for training.